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Paul Newman

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Name Paul Newman 
Nickname Prof 
Lives in Woodstock town 
Played for Wytham since 2003 
Finest cricketing moment Staying in one fielding position for a whole over. Hitting a ball on the leg side. 
Most likely to... fall over when running 
Special dietary requirements No cheese, Dear God, no cheese 
Profession Wobots 
Favourite fielding position Bowling 
Favourite drink at the White Hart A Coca-Cola with some ice 
Team role Bowling on odd-numbered years 
Cricketing hero JP's kneeling defence 
Favourite Wytham catchphrase Breathless sophistication 
Special powers Acerbic wit 
Cricketing brand of choice White 
Lager stag-do survivor? Err, no 
Cricketing nemesis Anything to do with leg side 
Would rather forget 2012 
Skipper's notes Wandering fielder, requires frequent monitoring. Too much hair. 
Showing 19 items