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Paul Rippon

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Name Paul Rippon 
Nickname M'lud 
Lives in Oxford 
Played for Wytham since 1978 
Finest cricketing moment Running a 3 with Pirate 
Most likely to... give helpful and welcome advice during a match 
Best thing about playing for Wytham? The variety of personalities and backgrounds united by a no-nonsense sense of humour producing a unique camaraderie 
Favourite fielding position Slip, so I can keep an eye on everyone and everything - except the ball, more often than not now 
Favourite drink at the White Hart Proper bitter 
Team role The old pro 
Favourite Wytham catchphrase "Silly, silly Pirate" 
Favourite tea At Wytham. The best in the county. 
Would rather forget The fact that I have more seasons behind me than in front of me, although that is a comforting thought for the rest of the club 
Skipper's notes Deferential, glad to be of use. Politic, cautious, and meticulous. 
Showing 14 items