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Peter Foster

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Name Peter Foster 
Nickname Foz - and various expansions thereof 
Lives in Cumnor 
Played for Wytham since 2010 
Finest cricketing moment Surviving eight overs after coming in at No 11, to earn a draw at Aston Tirrold 
Mostly likely to... take a wicket then bowl a wide next ball. 
Best thing about playing for Wytham? The quality of the conversation 
Special dietary requirements Anything, provided we bowl before tea 
Profession Teacher 
Favourite fielding position Sweeping behind Keenie 
Favourite drink at the White Hart Whatever they have on as the third ale 
Clive or Polly? Can't possibly separate them 
Who would win in a fight between badger and baboon? Immaterial, as Buster's shotgun would take them both 
Team role Batting wherever the skipper thinks no-one else could cope (most positions between 2 and 11), and bowling when there's no-one else to come on 
Theme tune The Trout Quintet 
Cricketing hero WG (of course) 
Favourite Wytham catchphrase "Let's have some more Victorian cricket" - JP 
Special powers Understanding what Dan is on about (not really) 
Favourite tea Lesley's breaded chicken drumsticks 
Lager stag-do survivor? Certainly not 
Cricketing nemesis Straight balls 
Would rather forget Our batting, after City won the title when we were playing at Stanton St John. Collective distraction perhaps? 
Skipper's notes Moments of scorching brilliance. The Wytham Wall. (SSOB) 
Showing 23 items