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Phil Blakeman

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Name Phil Blakeman 
Nickname The Pirate 
Lives in The Cotswolds 
Played for Wytham since 2009 
Finest cricketing moment 2/3/2011 
Most likely to... swear in Afrikaans 
Best thing about playing for Wytham? Indoor nets 
Special dietary requirements Potatoes 
Profession Currently writing my memoirs 
Favourite fielding position Goal Attack 
Clive or Polly? Clive's comedy accent every time 
Team role Peacekeeper 
Cricketing hero Derek Randall 
Favourite Wytham catchphrase "What unbearable sophistication." 
Special powers Inventor of white Guinness 
Cricketing brand of choice Barbour 
Lager stag-do survivor? Depends - when is it? 
Cricketing nemesis David Early. Actually, old men, basically. 
Would rather forget Always 
Skipper's notes Needs comfort breaks when fielding. Risky when facing poor bowling. 
Showing 20 items