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Rob Aunins

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Name Rob Aunins 
Nickname Auno/Casper/Sicknote - take your pick 
Lives in Hope, more than expectation 
Played for Wytham since I think 1999 
Finest cricketing moment Getting picked in my second season and thereafter, when all the evidence was that I was completely useless. That's the Wytham Way. 
Most likely to... injure myself in the course of cricket. Sometimes not cricket - some will remember the kids motorcycle crash of a few years ago, but mostly I'll take a trip to hospital every other year because of cricket and clumsiness. 
Special dietary requirements Slightly dry sandwiches and weak tea 
Profession Something with wheels 
Favourite fielding position Somewhere I can get my hands on the ball. So, bowling, maybe. 
Favourite drink at the White Hart A half 
Who would win in a fight between badger and baboon? Are we back to nicknames here? 
Team role Taking the money 
Theme tune Theme to Rentaghost 
Cricketing hero There was a chap who coached me at school. An ex-Middlesex professional whose name, to my shame, I can't remember.  
Favourite Wytham catchphrase "WAIT!" 
Special powers Pointless clapping 
Cricketing brand of choice Cricket bats - all types. And whatever I think is going to stop me getting injured. 
Favourite tea Coffee, to be honest 
Lager stag-do survivor? Negative 
Cricketing nemesis Wootton. There is a demon to placate there. The nearly-unbeaten season in 2000 ended there in the last match of the season. I trashed my knee in the match which meant a hospital trip and not appearing in the team photo now hanging on the wall of the Village Hall. I am a tad bitter. 
Would rather forget Running out my mate Martin Ford on 97 at Isis. And the 14 all out. 
Skipper's notes Mr Cricket. 
Showing 22 items