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Tom Hollis

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Name Tom Hollis 
Nickname Skip/Skipper/'Ollis 
Lives in Kidlington 
Played for Wytham since 2007 (I think) 
Finest cricketing moment Wolvercote Ashes victory 2012. OCCSCC opening stand with Phil (post Lager stag kerfuffle) 
Most likely to... nod off/break something in my hand 
Best thing about playing for Wytham? Holding at least four conversations at once 
Special dietary requirements Meat and cheese, please 
Profession Teacher 
Favourite fielding position Cover. Mid-on. Anywhere I can shout at the rest of the team. 
Favourite drink at the White Hart Peroni (any glass is fine) 
Clive or Polly? Clarve 
Who would win in a fight between badger and baboon? Buster 
Team role Skipper 
Theme tune L'apres-midi d'un faune 
Cricketing hero Len Hutton, Mike Brearley, Pete Wilbin 
Favourite Wytham catchphrase "Walking in"; "I've told you that if he appeals, I'll give you out"; "Pointless clapping" 
Special powers Teacher Voice; Teacher Look 
Cricketing brand of choice Gunn & Moore 
Favourite tea Barbecue tea at the White Hart in the days of Justin 
Lager stag-do survivor? Yes - 1 night, 1 pub, 2 buses 
Cricketing nemesis Anyone who claims to know the minutiae of the laws better than me 
Would rather forget Hand Clinic 
Skipper's notes 5th year in the job. Excellent tosser. 
Showing 24 items